In the lifespan of Dynamite, we have had the privilege of navigating numerous service offerings. Some of the more unique services we have championed, ranged from presentations and advergames, to eLearning as well as augmented reality. However, no matter which new service we tried to introduce to our offering, the most consistent work request we have navigated to date has been website design and development.

Because of this, we have honed our skills around this service offering and have been able to master the ability to create very successful website builds for our clients. We have developed systems around web, from on-boarding new clients and understanding the nuances of each client’s requirement to our one-of-a-kind milestone process. Our milestones allow the client more control, signing off every phase of the build from initial planning and wireframes to final testing and go live.

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell’s concept of 10 000 hours from his book Outliers comes to mind. His rule is that it takes an individual (or company) 10 000 hours to become an expert in a field. That equates to an estimated 10 years of perseverance to master your trade.

Because we know web so well, and have spent well over 10 000 hours becoming experts, it’s no wonder Dynamite delivers web at the level we do. We always find it quite complimentary when a customer makes comments on our process like “Wow, I’ve never seen that before” or “I’ve built many websites, but I’ve never seen that part done so seamlessly”.

Today, Dynamite’s services are all complimentary to our main service of website design and development. These services include design (front-end) and a bouquet of digital marketing channels including PPC, SEO and Social Media which in turn all contribute to the success of our website builds.

We’ve often heard in business and entrepreneurial literature the question asked, “what is the one thing you can be best in the world at?” By no means are we the best in world (yet) at web, but it is a great goal to work toward, to continuously refine our offering and intentionally strive to get better.

Through experimenting with several service offerings as well as some unique project requests, we always end up back to doing what we know best. Web has chosen us, and we have chosen to deliver!