Is your business asking the right questions to effectively create a successful digital marketing strategy? According to a study conducted by World Wide Worx, South Africa’s internet user population is expected to grow to at least 22,5 million users by the end of 2017. These staggering statistics are suggesting over 40% of the country will now have access to internet and with this the capacity to be reached via digital media.

According to SEACOM, South Africa as well as the rest of the continent is “on the cusp of a fibre and mobile broadband boom”. Meaning they are accelerating broadband deployment to keep up with increasing demand. In addition to this the explosive growth in mobile phone penetration in South Africa is already evident, with 36,2% of our total population having access to mobile phones (as of April 2017). All these statistics and figures are pointing to a fast-approaching digital era, where businesses are going to have to prioritise their digital marketing strategy to remain competitive.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Historically when we think of a well-executed marketing campaign, what often first comes to mind is a memorable television advertisement or a catchy billboard. However, since digital marketing was introduced to South Africa, we are finding more detailed consumer data is now becoming more readily available. These insights have led to marketing strategies that are not only creative but also data-driven. Even the best creative in the world isn’t going to lead to conversions in front of the wrong audience.



South African businesses need to start adopting a “sink or swim” mentality when it comes to their digital marketing strategy. Initially an appetite for some experimentation is required, however the faster you start receiving your consumer data, the faster you can begin serving richer and more targeted campaigns. It is evident that the emerging consumer world is looking for instant gratification on the platforms of their preference. As a result, we need to serve your audience a more tailored campaign as opposed to shooting in the dark and hoping we hit a nerve. There is also comfort in the fact that South Africa is not “ahead of the curve” when it comes to digital marketing. Studies show businesses in the USA are predicting over 40% of their marketing spend will be invested on digital media by the end of 2018. This provides substantial evidence that investing in a digital marketing strategy is a viable option and should be seriously considered.

Feel free to contact us should you be interested in digital marketing solutions for your business. For more information feel free to view BizCommunity's resource on the future of digital marketing in South Africa.