People have come to expect average brand interactions. A clean store, a decent cup of coffee, presentable staff and someone to help answer questions. The way you as a customer experience a brand / shop / service is what we call user experience. When people have a great experience, there is a good chance it will be spoken about. Whether its a conversation with friends or a simply share to Social Media.


The start of any great online user experience is taking the time to research and understand the user. Immersing yourself in the ‘who', ‘why' and ‘what' of the user. Who is the user? Why are they visiting a website? What are their needs? Once there is user understanding, a website is crafted to talk to that particular demographic. Ultimately the time taken in this process should be the basis of all your marketing efforts. If we are advertising to the wrong demographic, we basically end up wasting marketing budget.


User Experience
  1. Timeously/easily finding what they are looking for through clear navigation, search functions and quick product links.
  2. Feeling comfortable using a website through a well-designed, mobile friendly build, prompting interactions and questions.
  3. Confidence when shopping online with up-to-date stock management, a seamless checkout process with reliable payments gateways and shipping partners, etc.

Everything has to be designed to take a user on a journey through your website. The number one goal in mind would be to convert them into a new customer. There is a good chance once you’ve taken a user on that journey, they will tell friends about it and share the experience. This will help encourage more leads, and more leads means more business. Let our team conduct some basic demographic/persona testing to help break down your ideal user. Click here to see examples of excellent user experiences on ecommerce websites.