When marketing to your customers it is important to remember that you can’t sell to everybody. Some people are more likely to resonate with your brand than others. Targeting them specifically helps lower advertising costs, improving return on investment. If your company is struggling to find the demographic of your ideal customer, Dynamite can help you mine your existing databases.  Searching deep within for detailed demographic information. Our team can set up tools and systems designed to help you target more of your businesses already paying customers.


People are bombarded on a near constant basis by all sorts of companies vying for their hard-earned money. Advertising to everyone is a common mistake when designing marketing campaigns, and is actually easily avoided. Targeting people more relevant to your business and what your business objectives are ensures that the ad budget is used in a responsible to your ideal customer. Demographics help you create a better marketing story as appose to just throwing products and services out there in the hope that things stick. Creating and defining scenarios in which your customers will relate to.



We help you find more customers in your demographic by using careful and attentive marketing campaigns. Each campaign is designed to get you more clicks, more leads and ultimately driving down on your cost-per-sale. Our demographic & persona tests ensure we lower marketing costs. We stretch your budget to your ideal customers in the target areas they would most likely be frequenting. It wouldn't make sense to use direct marketing strategies when targeting millennials for example. They would more likely be found on popular social media platforms.

To start working with us, give us a call or contact us today via our website. Let's start advertising your brand, product or service to the people more likely to love it. For more resources take a look at one of our reference articles further.