Most businesses don’t see the value in creating a professional corporate identity (CI). A CI is different to other marketing strategies in that it’s success is often difficult to measure. Often businesses undervalue and de-prioritise their CI from their marketing spend to save costs. We believe it’s important to reconsider and weigh up the options as the investment could be worth it in the long run. Below we have outlined 4 bulletproof reasons to invest in a professional corporate identity.

Corporate Identity
1. Stand Out From The Crowd

If your business is competing for market share with other competitors; whether it’s a start-up or more established business, a strong corporate identity is imperative. Why do you think established clothing brands generally have hiked prices? Their products are made with the same materials, yet the brand carries a culture and heritage that appeals to the customer. Their brand is established, trusted and carries loyal customers. Why should your brand be any different?

2. Stay Top of Mind With Your Customers

A complete CI includes collateral such as business cards, letterheads, corporate gifts, etc. These are particularly effective with companies working face-to-face with their customers. The idea is to keep your companies brand displayed prominently on as much marketing collateral as possible. This is ultimately what is going to help your inbound marketing gain traction. “Leave-behinds” that a customer would likely keep rather than discard is particularly powerful to passively advertise your business. These “leave-behinds” in themselves can have a lasting impression on new customers, ultimately keeping your business top of mind.

Long Term Investment
3. Support A Long-Term Business Model

A high-quality CI will immediately suggest your company is serious about business and comes across as well-established. Looking at some of the bigger brands we can see these benefits at work. It’s clear that the faster you can establish your brand, the more successful you will foster recognition, awareness & sales. The end goal is to create a loyal customer base that instils trust and ultimately promotes conversation.

4. Pre-Empt Successful Market Engagement

A professional CI is the foundation that links all your marketing aspirations. Your awareness and advertising potential will increase exponentially once your brand gets carried across multiple platforms. Customers also acknowledge and appreciate a brand that is trending, with seamless content delivery. In the end we are building a loyal customer base and promoting engagement at every turn. When selecting a creative studio to produce your CI, it is vital the agency does the relevant persona testing. These tests will ensure any design and collateral fits the ideal customers you are looking to engage and convert.

Feel free to contact us should you be interested in brand development solutions for your business. For more information feel free to view another resource on brand image and the value it delivers.